Car Insurance – Be Careful Before You Buy!

What looks while choosing car insurance?

The most important considerations include the five "C" s. Here is a brief description of each:

claims policy – The real test of the insurance company at the time of the actual insurance claim. It is possible to check if the company is looking at past records, with the resolution. Now is the time to check if your existing insurance in the case be transferred to another insurance company has paid benefits without loss.

coverage – What is the right coverage for you? Usually car insurance to cover liability insurance and Casco. According to the Vehicle Code, mandatory to choose insurance coverage while their injuries is not mandatory. All the usual selection procedure, as cover for damage to third party accidents and mishaps. Most insurance companies 'add-ons' to the basic policy.

Customer Service – Thanks to technology, the insurance policies it off immediately. In addition, other issues such as policy changes or cancellations are processed quickly. In the event of a claim, cashless settlement is available to post-delivery repair bills quickly without the workshop. It is therefore important to check with the insurance company's network this option. The larger the network, the better the opportunities require.

Access Communications – The insurance company's contact information must be easily accessible. If there is a problem of the insured person to be who they need to contact, and the procedure to be followed.

Cost – Last but not least, the price or premium. Car insurance rates based on the "insured declared value" or IDV and speed multiplication, and depends on the car model, the age of the car, daily mileage and the location of the terrain. It is important to determine the correct IDV and select a policy that ensures maximum IDV even if I did not wear a slightly higher fee.

In addition, the following benefits to look for:

No claim bonus – if no claim has been submitted during the insurance period, a non- statement offered a discount at the time of renewal of Casco risk coverage policy. Each successive adjustment-free year the discount is gradually increasing. The point to note is that no claim bonus entitlement is valid, even in the case of acquisition or before the expiry of the deadline for the renewal of existing insurance with another insurer for a new vehicle.

is deductible – drivers with a good record opt for 'voluntary excess' is not deductible to lower premium payments, in addition to the statutory surplus. In the case of compulsory excess, the insured must pay a certain amount if the claim is the next category.

based on car type Premium – If your car has extra security features such as anti-theft alarm system the chance of theft can come lower insurance premium is lower.

insurance renewal time – If you have car insurance is not renewed before the expiry date of the renewal fee may result in loss of coverage, especially if you have an accident, and it also means no discount on the non-claim bonus.

Optional Add-ons – In addition to the basic car insurance, insurance companies will offer a variety of optional accessories. It is important to choose the right approach, and only pay for those. For example, if you have a medical cost coverage or hospital cash cover and make sure that you have a health insurance, which is included in them.

to renew or not to renew – the same insurance provider? When it comes time to renew your car insurance, compare your insurance, what they offer before making a decision. The car insurance industry is very competitive and with the same coverage, you can probably get a better price elsewhere.

last few precautions in mind are:

• Make sure that the original insurance policy. Always buy your car insurance directly from the insurance company or its authorized agents.

• Always get a premium payment receipt.

• When you receive the policy document, check the IDV claims bonus is not deductible for details and to make sure that what you chose. Any discrepancies must be communicated and fixed immediately.

• Make sure you only sign in the form of the proposal and always read before signing

• Do not opt ​​for the monthly payments, as it is more expensive than the annual payments

Remember that car insurance protect you and the passengers in the car for two reasons: claims arising from accidental damage and third party if you are responsible for the accident. Therefore choose with care.

Source by Krishan Dwivedi

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